Gift Basket - Mario


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We love Super Mario at Dylan's. Included in this Blue Plastic Bucket:

  1. Mario Insulated Cup with Lid and Straw
  2. Mario Glow Sword
  3. Bubble Sword
  4. 2x Mario Candy Tins
  5. 1x Star Candy Tin
  6. 1x Mushroom Tin
  7. Mini Frisbee
  8. 3 Mini Race cars
  9. Pop Rocks
  10. 2x Super Mario 3-Dees Gummies
  11. Mike & Ike Candy Tube
  12. Air Head Dip
  13. Air Head Taffy
  14. Chewy Box Lemon Heads
  15. Mini Razzles
  16. Sweet Tarts
*****Easter Eggs are only included in Easter Baskets. These Mario Bros Baskets do not have plastic eggs as seen in some above photographs******