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Himalayan Salt Tealight Holder



Himalayan Salt Tealight Holder. Use a tea light candle in this Himalayan natural salt crystal holder and enjoy its incandescent flicker. Gently breathe and absorb the unique beauty and natural properties of this age old salt crystal. Choose a salt crystal candle holder and own something special and unique, no two are the same. Each piece is hand sculpt to preserve its own natural beauty. 

This salt crystal holder is made from rock salt sitting deep under the Himalayan mountains for thousands of years, and is a one-of-a-kind gift colored by nature. It is nature's air purifier. The warmth and glow from the tea light candle brings about a wonderful reaction with the natural crystal salt. It causes negative ions to be emitted in the air clearing out positively charged particles that make us stuffy and sluggish. (Allergens; smoke; dander; pollens and air pollutants).

The longer you keep the candle burning in the salt crystal holder the better the emission of negative ions. It clears the air and naturally dilutes odors so that we can breathe easier. People with asthma often find it helpful in reducing their symptoms and many medical practitioners recommend using these lamps to help relieve depression and fatigue. It makes for a perfect gift for friends and relatives. Always place the candle holder on a coaster and never leave a candle burning unattended.

  • Made of natural salt crystal from the himalayan mountains
  • Works as an air purifier by emitting negative ions into the air and light therapy to reduce stress and increase energy
  • Each candleholder is individually handcrafted and unique
  • Tealight candle is included
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