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  • Wedding Card Box

    Please type in your color selections. Maximum amount of 3 colors. Indicate if your want all in one or separated box colors.

    The Wedding Card Box is 4 levels. Each Box bigger then other to resemble a tiered cake. The 3rd box has a open slit for your guest to insert cards and well wishes. The 4th (bottom) level also has a slit for cards and well wishes. Level 3 & 4 are not attached to 1 & 2 for easy removal at the end of the reception. Pick up to 3 colors for your box. The CARD on the 3rd level is painted wood. Please indicate a email address or phone number for a swatch proof of color prior to starting your boxes. The boxes are custom made.

    There are no refunds on custom made items.

    email: or call our customer service division at 919-550-3333